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Update 1.2 is Live!
14:00 - 06/07/12
You're probably reading this post for the first time on the KickPush homepage, which should be enough to tell you that a major update has launched, 1.2!

1.2 Brings with it...

+ Redesigned homepage
+ Spot tags, to assist in finding spots
+ You can now rate other people's spots
* Code improvements on the homepage, reducing load times
* Fixed a bug with embedded video widths in comments
* Fixed a bug where you were unable to delete your own comments
- Video functionality

Two things I want to go into more detail on here quickly;

The reason the Video functionality got cut is that I think it detracted from exactly what KickPush was at the time, a spot database. It may come back in the future in some form, as there are plans for a much deeper social side of the website to be implemented, but for the time being it was a too-little used feature for the amount of load time and hassle it cost users, so I cut it.

Secondly, the new rating system! Essentially, this will be used in addition to the ratings users give to their submitted spots themselves. It's basically to stop people from adding the curb outside their house with a 10 rating and have it sitting next to Mile End on the "Sort by rating" page. Users can thumbs down the spot if they don't feel it's been rated correctly, and thumbs up it if they think it meets or exceeds the rating it currently has.

That's all for now, so go out and skate!

"So come and skate with me, just a rebel looking for a place to be."
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